Below are common topics for group presentations.  Before my talk begins, I ask group members to write a concern on an index card.  I address many of these concerns during my interactive presentation.

Each talk includes the skills of Reflective Listening which improves all relationships. I also have general session topics for weekend retreats that fit all stages of life.  If you are looking for another topic, please let me know.


  • Help! It is so hard to say no!
  • Help! Why do I tend to get overlooked or overworked?!
  • Help! Communicating with my co-workers is hard!


  • Help! My spouse makes me so…!
  • Help! How do we move past the conflict?!
  • Help! Marriage is harder than I thought!


  • Help! My child is struggling with…!
  • Help! My kids just won’t listen!
  • Help! Parenting is harder than I thought!