About Dori

In my 26+ year marriage, while raising four children, and in the workplace, I have overcome many challenges.  Poor communication was one of the root causes of my struggles with anxiety and depression.  Among other skills, I now put into practice the advice of Dan Siegel and have a COAL approach to myself and others.

In coaching sessions we explore these broad concepts…

Curious,  Open,  Accepting  and  Loving-kindness

and how to put them into place in your everyday thoughts, words and actions.

Clients report feeling: less stress, decreased discouragement, closer relationships, better connection, and more respected.

I help people have less conflict in their relationships – at work, in marriage, with family.  Do you struggle with frustration, discouragement or disconnection?  Do you tend to avoid certain people in your life or long to ditch everything and escape?

In stressful moments, it can be difficult to listen – to yourself and to the other person.  When strong emotions arise, our tendency is to react automatically which is often not helpful.  In coaching sessions I help you learn and practice how to:

  • identify and overcome obstacles to remaining calm in the moment
  • listen better to yourself and others
  • put space between your automatic reaction and what you communicate
  • respond rather than react
  • learn to quickly return to calm
  • communicate well

I have been a mentor and coach for more than 15 years including 4+ years of experience with clients as a trained Lay Counselor.

In addition to a Business degree with a minor in Organizational Psychology, I have advanced certification in Counseling from the Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling at Concordia Univeristy in Irvine, California.