Business and Life transitions create situations where you may feel stuck, spinning your wheels for many different reasons. I help people get unstuck. In sessions we talk and reflect with the goal of radical self-inquiry and awareness. With a 3 or 6 month action plan we develop together, you will move forward with clear goals and support in identifying & overcoming obstacles. In addition to the action plan, we will also incorporate a whole-hearted, balanced living approach to prevent discouragement, feelings of overwhelm, and burnout.  

** Why spend the time and money on coaching?  Because changing patterns and habits is difficult.  Having an “outsider” to talk with can be very helpful. If your attempts to reach your goals or improve relationships have not been working, you will benefit from a committed and encouraging coach.

Coaching with a cognitive behavioral approach plus practical skills development provides insight, encouragement and accountability which works better than trying to change on your own. Reflective Coaching is located in North Austin and offers virtual sessions as well. Over a three to six month commitment, we will develop an action plan, put steps into practice and reflect on progress & obstacles. You may find that many obstacles are rooted in negative or self-defeating thought patterns as well as giving in to an “inner critic.” Or there may simply be a lack of structure that coaching can provide.

Reflective communication skills improve relationships which improves your life. The ability to listen to yourself well includes having non-judgmental awareness of  thoughts, assumptions, emotions, and physical sensations. The ability to listen to others well includes awareness of unspoken communication and body language, seeing from the others’ perspective and understanding in the midst of disagreement.  Improved reflection increases empathy and often reduces stress. These are some of the skills we explore which incorporate increased mindfulness as well as resolving negative more quickly.

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