Communication = Relationship

Are there relationships in your life at home or at work that are not going well?  When we don’t use the skills for Reflective Listening, misunderstandings arise that usually lead to disconnection and conflict.

The ability to listen to myself well  includes having non-judgmental awareness of my own thoughts, assumptions, emotions, and physical sensations.

The ability to listen to others well includes awareness of unspoken communication and body language, seeing from the others’ perspective and understanding in the midst of disagreement.

** Why spend the time and money on coaching?  Because changing communication patterns and habits is difficult!  If your attempts to improve the relationship have not been working, you will benefit from a committed and caring coach.

Coaching provides insight, encouragement and accountability which works better than trying to change on your own.  Reflective Coaching is located in North Austin.  Over a four month commitment, you will learn and practice how to apply more effective communication skills in your most important relationships.